How to succeed in college

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Curious is the situation of students in a country of millions, most from year to year are experiencing the same problems and difficulties. As if student life is limited only by the exams… Rather the opposite – examinations occupy a very insignificant place in the life of a student: “from session to session, students live fun”. And after graduating from the educational institution most regret the “wasted time while learning in College.” So that this did not happen, for the study must be taken from the first day.

How to succeed in College and in General how to make three to four years of study went down the drain?

Tip 1. The Council addressed the graduates of schools and entrants. Usually at the end of the 9th or the 11th class of students begins hot it is time to take the exams, to choose a profession, to choose a College. But most of the Motto these days is “just to do it, pass on the competition, no matter where”.

It is extremely harmful and incorrect approach. Most little think about the importance of choosing the place of study – and in vain, because this will greatly affect the rest of your life.

Therefore, each applicant should give the answer yourself a few questions:

  1. I have chosen your future profession?
  2. Why am I going to go to this College? What do I expect from school?
  3. What I want to do after College? As the knowledge and experience I gained at this College, will help me in my career?
  4. Where would I go if I knew exactly what to do?
  5. Where it’s worth, given my answers to previous three questions?

About the author: Gerry Vranken